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Facilities at our premier FBO

The FBO is situated within the Airport Maintenance Area at the end of the Mike Taxiway and is outside the critical path (CP). We maintain the Landside / Airside access through our facility, then it a short walk to the waiting aircraft.

The FBO facility has 3 comfortably appointed lounges capable of holding up to 40 customers, it has full Wi-Fi throughout TV and DVD facilities, 2 restrooms and a fully functional kitchen. Complimentary tea, coffee and cold drinks are provided in the lounge, clients bespoke catering requirements can be arranged for the lounge or departing aircraft with adequate notice.  

Staff are all aviation professionals and have all the necessary training required to operate the FBO. We work closely with UKBA and endeavour to pre clear all overseas arrivals so as to arrive directly at our facility. To achieve this we rely on accurate information provided by the operator in the form of a GAR including crew and passenger details.

UKBA reserve the right to refuse remote clearance and in this event we have to present passengers to UKBA at their control point in the main passenger terminal.

For some remote pre clearances UKBA charge a fee which we pass on accordingly.


FBO Facilities
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