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Our services

AFSL provide the aviation, travel and incentive market with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have a comprehensive portfolio of services covering all aspects of the industry linked with great customer service and hospitality.

Our core offering centres around bespoke ground handling for all manner of private and executive clients. In addition to this we're also happy to extend our blend of services to include;


"Meet and Greet" service, tour operator representation, clear presence to the clients, liaison between passengers and operator, comprehensive flight reports after each service, airline representation, crew reports and escorts and a liaison between operator and ground handling team.


We are extremely proud to offer supervision staff at: BFS, BHX, BOH, BRS, CWL, DSA, EDI, EXT, GLA, HUY, LBA, LDY, LPL, MAN, NCL, NWI, NQY and STN all of whom are fully dedicated to offering the best level of service to all of our clients. 

Our reputation and status within the industry enables us to extend our services to meet the individual needs of our clients. The core aspects of what we provide are listed below, however should you need more information or indeed have questions about a specific project, give us a call.

Our Services


Business & General Aviation Ground Handler

Advantage Flight Support Ltd provide Aircraft Ground Handling through its FBO at East Midlands Airport

Where we operate
Where we operate
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