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Please thank the entire staff for everything you did to make this the fastest, most efficient and painless entry into Britain for me in 29yrs! Your team’s actions last night stifled my rehearsed tirade LOL! I was telling our Booking Agent, Promoter, Flight Booker and anyone who would listen how well it went. Kudos to AFSL”  Slipknot Tour Manager

Once again first class service which the club and I really appreciate. Best experience in a long time Thomas Cook Travel

Thank you so much for your efforts this morning in turning us around so quickly. You guys made it very easy for us this morning  Specsavers

Very glad we chose you for EMA. Good job all round!  ACS

Yesterday I was at EMA/EGNX again, doing some routine maintenance software loads and I can honestly say it was repeated again with the staff on duty. The service received was night and day from other FBO’s on the field  Universal

Smoothest UK Immigration EVER! Thank you everyone. I can’t thank you enough for your hard work”  Victor

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